Very slow Internet

This message is for December 18th through the 23rd. The winds that we had over the weekend have broken a radio on the Newman Water Tower that services the towers in Gustine, Santa Nella, and Los Banos. This normally would not have been an issue as we have backup’s of all of our radios. The issue we have now is that our Cal-OSHA certified tower climber who is the ONLY one that can climb the Newman Water Tower is a also a Fireman and is Currently at the Ventura fires. He will not be coming back until Friday. We will have it fixed just as soon as he gets back in the area. We have unfortunately learned the lesson of needing a second tower man and we have began the process of getting a 2nd climber certified. ALL Customers who are affected by this please call me after the issue has been fixed and we will credit you for the week downtime. Please keep in mind that it is not completely broken just really really slow. So please do not try to stream movies or TV. Thank you for your understanding and we are very sorry that this has happened.